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 Kim has relocated her practice to

Connected Wellness Group


CONNECTED Wellness Group seeks to improve mental, emotional, and relational health by encouraging a (w)holistic approach to healing. We help people cultivate enduring change and renewed hope by equipping them to heal from their past, examine patterns and lifestyle choices today, and make sustainable changes for tomorrow.

327 W. 21st St. Suite 205

Norfolk Va, 23517

757 - 656 - 6461 

Thank you for visiting my site and for considering to start an intentional process of growth and change with me as your counselor. I do believe that there is purpose in the pain, freedom in growth, and that healing is possible. It is my hope that as we work together you will find more than relief of distressing symptoms, whether they be from, for example, depression, anxiety, or past trauma. My hope is that you will ultimately experience freedom, restoration, and hope.

Whether you are in crisis or transition, hurting, desire more fulfilling relationships, seeking a fresh perspective and help overcoming daily challenges, stresses, and struggles, I'd like to provide a safe professional and clinical, yet comfortable environment for you to examine the truth of your life and experience growth and change. 


I want to hear your story. Please call me today and lets see if I can help.


Kind Regards,


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