Areas of Practice

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy allows you to focus on and work through a variety of issues and concerns that are important to you.​


Anger Management



Drug/ Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Eating and Body Image concerns

Family of origin issues


Family Counseling

Boundary issues

Divorce Care

Family of origin work

Parenting work

Restoring trust

Strengthening communication

Counseling for Children and Adolescents



Grief and Loss

Problems in relationships

Strengthening self-worth and value

Trauma Recovery

    Past or Childhood Sexual Abuse


    Abusive relationships

    Spiritual Abuse



Family therapy allows you to work alongside your loved ones to focus on issues and concerns that require more than what can be accomplished through individual counseling. If you are interested in working on any of the following areas, I recommend family counseling.​

At times children and teens need support outside their family and peers. Counseling services are available for children and teens aged 10 and older. Common issues and concerns germane to this population include:​

Abandonment and Attachment issues

Behavioral concerns

Drug/alcohol, substance abuse

Eating and Body Image concerns

Grief and Loss

Problems in school

Recovery from trauma

Relationship with family/friends


Self-Injurious Behavior

Suicidal ideations
Unplanned pregnancy

Residency Supervision


Ms. Small is an approved Supervisor with the Virginia Board of Counseling. Please contact her for more information.

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